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Negra Li bio

Negra Li bio

Liliane de Carvalho (Sao Paulo, 17 of September of 1979), known as Negra Li, is a singer and rapper. The interest for music appeared in her childhood, when she sang the gospel hymns of the church. Still as an adolescent, Li imitated Whitney Houston and from that moment on, she started to listen to more Soul/R&B until she was 16 years, where she got interested for Rap.
Inhabitant of Vila Brasilandia, poor community of the Zona Norte of Sao Paulo, it started to free the voice singing the hymns of the gospel church. Solo Singer of the chorale of the University of Sao Paulo,it studies music and piano and is considered one of the muses of rap national with its beautiful voice of contralto.
Negra Li initiated its work with the group of rap RZO, after that it initiated partnership with rapper Heliao, e currently the singer if feels prepared to continue its career without the company of the partner.
To give beginning to this new Black musical phase I read launched the album "Negra Livre", with hit single "Voce Vai Estar na Minha"
Negra Li it attributes part of its success in the Rap to the good education that had the chance to receive. Son of a teacher of the city of Sao Paulo, Negra and its four brothers had studied in good public schools and had obtained scholarships in particular schools.
Negra Li and Heliao still they tan the success liveing in its communities of origin. Li deferred payment in the house of the mother, with some of the brothers, in Vila Brasilandia. Heliao lives in Pirituba (Zona Norte).
Currently the singer is part of the quarteto-fancy of the serie "Antonia" together with Leilah Moreno, Cindy Mendes and Quelynah - that faces a daily one of violence, poverty and machismo to carry through the dream of living of rap in the periphery of Sao Paulo. One has filmed with history is foreseen for February of 2007.

Negra Li - Albums

    Estúdio Coca-Cola

    Estúdio Coca-Cola
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    • Do Mesmo Lado (Part. Ptty) - 4:14
    • Ninguém Pode me Impedir (Part. Ptty) - 3:38
    • Você Vai Estar na Minha (Part. Pitty) - 3:47
    • A Saideira (Part. Ptty) - 2:52
    • Admirável Chip Novo (Part. Ptty) - 2:59
    • Chains of Fools (Part. Ptty) - 3:14
    Tudo De Novo

    Tudo De Novo
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    • Tudo De Novo - 4:03
    • Vai Passar - 3:35
    • Volta Pra Casa - 4:01
    • E Eu (Snippet) - 3:38
    • Não Vá - 4:17
    • Posso Morrer De Amor - 3:50
    • Fotografia - 3:36
    • Mais Que Um Olhar - 3:35
    • Hoje Eu Só Quero Ser Feliz - 3:59
    • Como Iguais - 4:13
    • Culto De Amor - 2:59
    Negra Livre

    Negra Livre
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    • Ninguém Pode Me Impedir - 3:40
    • Você Vai Estar Na Minha - 3:25
    • Amar Em Vão - 3:53
    • Compaixão - 3:23
    • Meus Telefonemas - 3:49
    • Mundo Jovem - 3:29
    • Negra Livre - 3:39
    • Tudo Era Lindo - 4:02
    • Chegou A Hora (Snippet) - 4:24
    • Por Você - 3:58
    • Eu Não Te Quero Pouco (See You In September) - 3:29
    • Teu Sorriso (Breathless) - 4:12
    • Tempo Pra Voce (Time For You) - 3:28
    • A Pé - 1:47