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Honeyz bio

Honeyz bio

The Honeyz were a London-based R&B girl group formed in 1997 that originally consisted of bandmembers Heavenli Abdi, Naima Belkhiati and Célena Cherry. In 1999 Heavenli Abdi left the group and was replaced by Mariama Goodman before returning to the band in 2000 after Mariama left. Before their split in 2002 the Honeyz released seven singles, 5 of which were Top 10.

In 2005 they band reformed but member Naima Belkhiati left shortly after and was replaced by Célena's cousin Candace Cherry. Mariama Goodman briefly returned to the band after Heavenli Abdi (now Roberts) left due to pregnancy. However they permanently disbanded at the end of 2006.

Célena, Heavenli and Mariama reunited in 2012 for the ITV show The Big Reunion along with several other regrouped pop bands, and all embarked on a series of concerts in 2013.

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