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In this town of pain
You could be the lucky one
Fate turns on a dime
The only thing that will change

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About song

This track "Sin City" by Meredith Brooks is the song played at the ending credits in a Movie titled "Snake Eyes". Snake eyes is a gambling term which is given when casting dice and there is one dot on each exposed die. The Lyrics mention events the main characters in the movie "Snake Eyes" had experienced or discussed. The Actors in the film are Gary Sinese and Nicholas Cage. Friends after serving in the Military. military. The character played by Cage is a corrupt Police Detective who in the film tries to do a righteous deed after years of cover-ups. The Movie and the Song blend perfectly together. Brooks' song is about Las Vegas Nevada, gambling, and how the characters succombed to the ever present temptations of a town nicknamed "Sin city". Also deals with two men former friends, who's goals are to get ahead in life at the expense of others. One cover-up. One hidden truth may advance ones career, yet past deeds; swept under the carpet then only to haunt or"burn" you when the truth is exposed. The song by Meredith Brooks was an excellent ending to the film as the credits played on screen. There is a bit of a suprise while one watches the credits roll while listening to her words. One question brought up in the film was about the last experience a drowning victom may endure when their life was sacrificed to save others. At least this was believed by Sinese's character. Meredith Brooks' Lyrics confirm that a drowning may not be literal as ones life, if lived by "drowning" sins, lies, lives, facts and truths may send a former lifestyle into a tailspin. One sin, one covered truth begets a sin. All things don't pass silently, and the dead do speak wolumes.