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Cut my tongue out, I've been caught out
Like a giant juggernaut
Happy hours, golden showers
On a cruise to freak you out

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"When I Grow Up" is a song by Garbage, released as the group's fourth single from their second album Version 2.0. It was released in January 1999 in the United Kingdom and in several European territories, while simultaneously in France and Germany the album track "The Trick Is to Keep Breathing" was released in its place. "When I Grow Up" was also released later in 1999 in the United States and in Australia and New Zealand, and was finally issued in Germany as the sixth Version 2.0 single release in early 2000.

One of the more successful singles lifted from Version 2.0, "When I Grow Up" reached the U.K. Top Ten, and the Australian Top Forty. In Australia, the song became Garbage's most successful single release up until that point. "When I Grow Up" was included on the soundtrack to the 1999 comedy Big Daddy.

"When I Grow Up" was remastered in 2007 for Garbage's greatest hits album Absolute Garbage.

"When I Grow Up" was written and recorded at Smart Studios during the 1997 sessions for Version 2.0.

Bass on "When I Grow Up" was performed by Daniel Shulman.

"When I Grow Up" was released to radio in the U.K. and Europe onwards from December 3, 1998, and was A-listed at Radio One, Atlantic 252, Xfm and GLR, and B-listed at Virgin as well as a further 68 regional radio playlists. Mushroom serviced mixes by Danny Tenaglia to clubs upfront of the single release, these becoming playlisted by KISS FM, while cable channel The Box kept the music video in heavy rotation.

The single release of "When I Grow Up" supported the band's headline arena concert tour that kicked off on January 15 in Belfast, ending in Glasgow on the 23rd. During the tour, the band performed the single on Friday Night's All Wright and Top of The Pops, while the Pepsi Chart Show broadcast a performance that had been pre-recorded months earlier. "When I Grow Up" hit the shops on January 25 on cassette single and two-part CD single set, and debuted on the UK Singles Chart at #9. This was the band's fifth U.K. Top Ten hit. A limited edition 3" CD single of "When I Grow Up" was released to stores on February 1.

"When I Grow Up" was sent to Modern Rock format radio in the United States on April 12, following their two Grammy nominations for parent album Version 2.0. Previous single "Special" had taken off on Top 40 radio, while the band were supporting Alanis Morissette on tour across the U.S. Garbage performed "When I Grow Up" and "Special" on Saturday Night Live on March 20, and "Special" had already peaked on Modern Rock radio. Stations such as KROQ and KNDD were already playing the track prior to the songs release.

"When I Grow Up" was licensed to the soundtrack of the comedy film Big Daddy, with a U.S. theatrical release on June 25. Upfront of this, the track was serviced to Top 40 radio stations, and a newly filmed music video serviced to MTV on June 15. Garbage produced new mixes of the track for the mainstream radio formats, while a 12" single featuring Danny Tenaglia's remix of the track (and a Brothers in Rhythm remix of "Special") was commercially issued. "When I Grow Up" failed to register on Top 40 charts, but placed fairly high on Billboard's Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart.

To coincide with the announcement of the band's co-headling (with Morissette) Australasian tour, and to support the repackaged Version 2.0 special edition, "When I Grow Up" was released in both Australia and New Zealand in July 1999. "When I Grow Up" reached the Top 30 of both countries single charts, and in Australia, enjoyed a chart run taking it to the end of the year. This was by far the most successful Australian single release of Garbage's career up to that point. Garbage performed the track on Hey Hey It's Saturday following its success.

"When I Grow Up" saw its final release within Germany in March 2000, following the success of the band's James Bond title theme "The World is Not Enough, which was released in December 1999."

"When I Grow Up" was backed with an original Garbage track titled "Tornado", which was recorded on the Garbage tour bus through the band's mobile ProTools rig, and samples the vocals of Shannon Fischer. The song was recorded on November 18 while the band were in their home base of Madison.

The second b-side was a cover version of The Seeds 1965 single "Can't Seem To Make You Mine". Garbage debuted the track on their tour in November 1998, and performed the track over the following three months.

The single also featured a urban radio remix of preceding single "Special" produced by Rickidy Raw.

The original music video made for "When I Grow Up" was shot while Garbage toured North America. Director Sophie Muller shot live footage of the band over three nights, beginning on November 17 at the Egyptian Theater in Indianapolis. Footage was also shot at concerts performed at the Dane County Expo Center in Madison (Nov 18) and at the Memorial Hall in Kansas City (Nov 20. A live video for "The Trick Is to Keep Breathing" was also shot on the same dates. Both videos were ready to air on December 3, 1998.

A second 'performance' music video for the single was directed by Sophie Muller in May 1999. This video featured the band performing on a stage set backed by large lighted replicas of the bands segmented G, Version 2.0 globe and "When I Grow Up" thought balloon logos. Three sequences within the video were filmed featuring Manson performing choreographed dance moves with two backing dancers. This video was released in the United States, and subtitled the U.S. version or Performance version. The second music video was also released containing montage clips from the Big Daddy movie (subsequently known as Big Daddy version). The video premiered in the US on June 14, 1999, on MTV's Total Request Live.

A remastered version of the live video was included on Garbage's 2007 greatest hits DVD Absolute Garbage.The Performance version has not been released on any official media, however the Big Daddy version of the second music video was included as a DVD bonus on the 2000 home release of Big Daddy.

"When I Grow Up" has been performed in the "Version 2.0" tour, the "beautifulgarbage" tour and the "Bleed Like Me" tour.