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You, you're such a big star to me
You're everything I wanna be
But you're stuck in a hole
And I want you to get out

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"Shine" was released on 26 February 2007 and features lead vocals by Mark Owen. The song is featured in several commercials for the relaunched Morrisons supermarkets in the UK, fronted by actress Denise van Outen, comedian Nick Hancock, television presenter Gabby Logan, gardener Diarmuid Gavin, singer Lulu, and television presenter Richard Hammond. It is also used on the third series of The Kevin Bishop Show in the celebrity book club sketch. A 'live' version was recorded at a session with BBC Radio 2, and appears on the CD singles of "I'd Wait For Life" and "Reach Out".
It became Take That's sixth consecutive number one single and their tenth number one overall, making them one of only seven acts in the history of the UK charts to have more than nine number one hits.
The song went on to win the British single of the year award at the 2008 BRIT Awards.
The live version of "Shine" performed during the band's "Beautiful World" Tour in 2007 featured an intro that was taken from the finale to the song Mr. Blue Sky by the British pop/rock group Electric Light Orchestra.
The song has sold 345,850 copies in the UK and the song has received a Silver sales status certification.
Lily Allen's song "Who'd Have Known" samples "Shine".